Top Gun in the Comfort Zone in Sheriff’s Helicopter (updated link)

When you know you’re on the inside, one of the chosen few at the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, you’re in a comfort zone few others get to enjoy.  It’s not unheard of for some people to proclaim themselves “untouchable” when they behave inappropriately and get away with it.

One of the Sheriff’s favorite toys is her helicopter.  She uses it like a hack in New York City when it comes to shuttling around friends of the Sheriff in the SAB and other groups on “ride alongs.”  Consider it the carousel at the fair when Best in the West is going on, everyone who wants a ride, gets one.  It seems that some people inside the Sheriff’s office get to carry on in that mode with equipment, but rarely do we get a glimpse into just how blatant some of the use of equipment really is.  Until now.

As the pilot says at 3:14, “I’m just along for the ride,” and gives a little show of jazz hands around 4:06 to prove it. Wonder what the FAA has to say about using Star1 as a commercial pilot trainer on duty.

“N621LS departing NUQ, Deputy Gonzalez at the controls of Star1 on his last day assigned to the Air Unit.”


And of course we have the surprise Jr. Guest Stars of this flight around 2:51 on this video.  Must have been bring your kids to work day.

Star1 departing Moffett Field in November 2011. One of TFO Deputy Leo Gonzalez last flights before rotating out of Air Unit. EC-120
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