Delayed Reaction Comes Standard: Audrie Pott to Aldon Smith

Earlier we found out from Rolling Stone that the Sheriff’s Office delayed an investigation into the sexual assault and death of a young girl for more than a week, allowing evidence to be destroyed and extending the investigation for months.

Now we find out, according to the Mercury News, for some reason, it took about a year for the Sheriff’s Office to turn over information regarding a weapons investigation now resulting in felony charges involving Aldon Smith.  When the District Attorney’s office was asked why it’s taken more than a year for these charges to come about “…prosecutors explained Wednesday [10/09/13] that the sheriff’s department first presented the case to them in July 2013.”  This incident occurred in June of 2012, yet the sheriff’s department failed to turn over information for 13 months?  Why?

What was going on during those 13 months? Insiders continue to say that Sheriff Smith passed on that Aldon wasn’t not to be investigated as he was a “victim” of the incident, having been stabbed.  It’s been pointed out by several now that Aldon attended a “family day” event at the sheriff’s range with hand selected sheriff’s personnel present for– irony at it’s greatest here — shooting automatic weapons and flying in the helicopter.  (Family day… I bet Skip Shervington was there getting his “thank yous” and fist bumping celebrity 49er’s that day, the rest of you guys, you don’t deserve a family day on the tax payers dollar, with or without Aldon present.)

It’s also been rumored that Aldon was going to appear as Sheriff Smith’s special guest at her first annual Hero’s Run.  Curious how that rumor will pan out now.  It’s seems likely though that Aldon’s “Friend of the Sheriff” star may have been revoked with this latest DUI/drug incident.

The Mercury News also reports that Aldon Smith is currently in rehab for his alcohol problem and is expected to turn himself in later in the month.


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