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Now is your chance to make a difference.

Folks your DSA nominations are in.  I’m very happy to see some discussion here about those available choices and what they may mean or not mean to deputies who are actually on the job, relying on these men and women.

If you didn’t make a nomination and you’re not happy with the options given to you… where were you when the nominations happened?  Why didn’t your voice get airplay?  This is why participation is important.  It actually counts for something and here is the perfect example.

Only about 200 deputies voted in the polls to determine who to endorse for sheriff in the upcoming election.  While it was a record vote, isn’t it a little embarrassing that well over half of the people couldn’t be bothered to log on to vote?

Here’s the rule… you don’t get to bitch and whine if you’re not doing something to change the circumstances.  It’s a simple rule.

What do you do?

Find out about your nominees.  Find out who will stand up to the sheriff and her henchmen when you’re the one who needs the DSA to back you.  Which of these nominees aren’t afraid to speak out when something is wrong, and even better — have any of them willingly worked to enact change in the office while they’ve been there?   Who can you trust to represent your best interests and not just their best interests when they’re sitting across the table from some one from the administration?  Who can you rely on to answer your questions with real answers?

Don’t know?  Ask people who know the nominees, ask people who have worked with them.  Make an effort.

Then when the ballot comes out, take the five damn minutes to vote.  Are you really that busy that you can’t be bothered to make that effort over something that may affect you for the next two years of your work life?

Like I said… no bitching and whining without a little action to change the things you don’t like.  I either expect to hear about a hell of a ballot response or a lot of silent deputies out there.

PS – folks, you don’t have to go create your own blogsite with my name to post your responses to my posts.  I have to approve your first post, after that you can post freely on my blog.  If you’ve not posted before and are awaiting your first post to be approved, please be patient.  I try to check the blog every day, even if I don’t post every day.  Some days I won’t get to it until late, but I promise, I will get to it.  Yes, even if you don’t like me, disagree with me… whatever…  you’ll get your post posted.  Patience is a virtue, using my name  or assuming negatives about me is not.


6 thoughts on “DSA vote

  1. I agree with you Casey! Vote for individuals who will fight for your rights and not just collect a stipend! Vote for DOER’S not SAYER’S, people who are PROACTIVE not REACTIVE!

    Make your vote count!



  2. I guess I owe Casey Thomas an apology by assuming that he will not post someone else’s opinion and for that I apologize. I guess we both agree on one thing, the whole membership is not participating and not being heard. But no comment whether CT agrees with my observation of the board being run by one person. I will admit when I am wrong and will fight for what it is right. That is why I want to have more participation from the members. I want us all to be heard. Whether it’s right, wrong or indifference. That’s what makes the membership a united association. You don’t have to agree with my ideas and I don’t to have agree with yours, but we are still the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

    We stand United.


    • I couldn’t agree more. We desperately need more participation from ALL of our members. I would add that it’s not simply about being heard ( I can remember several Deputies that ONLY cared about being heard) but members need to be part of the solution. Attend meetings (even if it’s only 30 minutes) and participate in the discussion/debate. Members NEED to vote. No excuses. If you have the time to read CT blogs and the corresponding comments then you have time to vote when the DSA sends you the email. Simply click on the link and make your selections. Your not THAT busy 😉


    • I’m not here to press my bias or feed into personal disagreements or rumors between members of the DSA and the board. I think everyone who has been in the office long enough has seen enough of that kind of infighting. I’m here to try to put out information that people can base their own decisions on, whether they agree with me or not. All I hope is that my blog will incite people to participate in what affects them. I hope that the men and women under the sheriff will take control of what they can in a situation where so many have been made to feel powerless in the face of a growing cancer within their office. At the end of the day, you’re the one that has to look at yourself in the mirror.

      If my opinion on the board member your concerned about is important to you, it’s simply this: I disagree with you. I think that particular person has done a lot of good through their work, both on and off the board. I think you put to much stock in the rumored differences between her and the sheriff and what you think you understand about those differences. I encourage you to speak with people who know her (or any board member or nominee for that matter) rather than making assumptions. I suggest that if you feel a person on the board is not doing their best to represent you, that you confront them at a meeting on that matter. I recommend that you do get to know your board members and their views… preferably before you vote for them if possible. Affect change through positive action. Lobby for action at meetings if there are things you want changed or actions being taken by board members you feel shouldn’t be taken. I don’t know what your personal issue is with her, I don’t care. I will point out that you will never agree 100% with anyone, especially when it comes to political matters, and put personal issues aside when looking at your nominees and their actions and look closely at their work ethic, if they have respect among their peers, if they have accomplished things that have moved the office forward even in this current atmosphere.

      The culture of lashing out at people rather than respecting people, even in disagreement, has to end. If you have a problem with this board member and you feel it is affecting the end results of the board’s actions negatively, bring it to her personally, bring it to the board.


      • Well said CT. I think we need to get more unbiased members involved and have them vet whatever issues that come up. Just one more thing , we are the Sheriff’s Office, so when someone speaks ill of this great department I take it personal.

        God Bless America and every member of tha Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

        A Very Proud Deputy!!!


        • unhappydsacouldbebetter, when someone speaks ill of the SO, you shouldn’t take it personal. You should take it as an opportunity to take action so that person will have a better experience to share in the future. To some criticism is an insult to be challenged, to others it’s a challenge to improve.


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