SCCSO NFL Special Delivery Program

We knew Aldon Smith got some special treatment, but I guess when you’ve agreed to shill for the current Sheriff as her pet celebrity it gets really good.

More rumors are breaking loose about Aldon’s hard time in Santa Clara County Jails.  We knew earlier that it took just hours before he was out the door and on the field for practice, but reports are coming in too me now that he was out of the jails in under an hour, some sources saying as little as 30 minutes.

Which means the Sheriff must have been called while Aldon was still sitting in the back of his chauffeur driven DUI-mobile with a .15 BAC, because you guessed it, she was there waiting at the jail to make sure Aldon got kid glove treatment with oversight from the Sheriff herself that it went as smoothly and quickly as possible.

While Aldon received a tour of the booking process that would take hours for the rest of us (just for the fact the rest of us have to sober up before we can go and biology indicates he was probably still a .11 or .12) the Sheriff gave Coach Harbaugh (oh, you didn’t think he wouldn’t get called, right?)  and his staff a personalized tour of the facilities.

When everyone was all smiles and had a shiny new lollipop in their hands, they were all hustled out the back door in the hopes that no one would ever know just how this went down.

You know Sheriff, I could be wrong, but the thought occurred to me, maybe if you disguised yourself in a uniform, no one would have noticed you handing out your favors for trade.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested in the wrong county.


One thought on “SCCSO NFL Special Delivery Program

  1. in the interest of the truth he was there for almost 2 hours but that was still way less than the ordinary person would have been held. Of more interest is that the main jail commander told her staff he was not to be afforded any special treatment. It was a different captain that arranged for his early release at the behest of the sheriff. This captain is routinely used by her to undermine and backstab the other captains.

    Also apparently even though the sheriff said at a meeting of captains and lieutenants that DUI is a conscious choice to get behind the wheel of a car after having a drink and that her own staff do not deserve any type of employee assistance for drinking problems, that must not apply to superstar employees of those who contribute to her campaign.


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