Held Hostage

We always have both positive and negative memories of where we have spent much of our time working.  We always hope that we will depart with positive being the overwhelming feeling.

It has come to my attention that the deputy whose wife sent the letter to the sheriff that I posted some time ago is having the negative follow him home in retirement.  I want to apologize if my actions posting that letter had any role in what is happening now.  My intent was to draw attention to how poorly the sheriff viewed those who had spent years in service, not to get her to reinforce any vindictive actions.

I have had a post sent to me, which I’m not reposting here, indicating the sheriff is withholding the deputy’s retirement photo.  Now this may not seem like a lot to some people, but this man’s 90 year-old mother would like to be able to put his photo up to mark a major accomplishment in her son’s life.  What are the sheriff’s demands to release this photo?  A meeting with the retired deputy’s wife, who has no interest whatsoever in meeting with the sheriff and has seemingly made this clear with no results.

Who would do that?

Sheriff, if you don’t understand why so many people are standing up against you right now, are reading my blog, are supporting your political opponent, are speaking out against what you and your selected right-hand men have been doing, please take a moment to examine this current action of yours.  His wife doesn’t want to meet with you.  Attempting to force a meeting is unprofessional, unkind and inappropriate.  I understand your desire to make your side heard to the deputy’s wife; we all want to be understood in our actions.  However holding this photograph hostage rather than sending a note with it asking for the opportunity to explain in person is wrong.  It’s manipulative and of questionable ethics that should be beneath a person holding an office such as the Sheriff’s.  It seems that this kind of attempt at manipulating the actions of others simply because of your want is so commonplace within your administration that you don’t even realize how offensive this appears from the outside.

Give this man his retirement photo so he can bring a smile to his 90 year old mother’s face with the proof that he made a long term commitment to a career in service to his community and succeeded in that goal.


2 thoughts on “Held Hostage

  1. Dear Casey,

    I am the “Deputy’s wife.” Your comments regarding our situation with Lauri Smith has just been brought to my attention. First, I’d like to say thank you for your wise words. Second, there is no need to apologize. After the distasteful and unprofessional retirement dinner the sheriff’s office gave, I really was not surprised by their actions following. To date, we still have not received the photo or corrected retirement ID (the one sent to my husband showed his title as “correctional deputy.” This after almost 30 years. In all fairness, I have to say, I am the one who had / have an issue with all of this. I will always feel after all my husband’s hard work and professionalism, he deserved to have a proper thank you from the sheriff. Thank you for bringing the truth to light.




  2. Just when you think Laurie Smith can sink no lower, she finds a new bottom! The letter writer quite clearly stated her feelings about the treatment of her husband and the other retirees. The Sheriff can either take that to heart or not (probably won’t). She doesn’t care how she behaves, only how she is perceived. Now her years of bad behavior are coming home to roost.

    You think that retirement frees you from her control but it doesn’t always work that way. In my case, she refused to sell me my Glock.

    Casey, keep up the good work! It must be nice to know that the Sheriff and her minions read your blog on a regular basis although they would probably deny it.


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