Standing Up For Change

Last night Kevin Jensen announced his candidacy and told the public what a Sheriff’s administration under him would look like:  ethical, fair, open to outreach, seeking improvement, listening to ideas not only from within the office, but from around the nation, seeking to build strong unions within the county with other agencies.

He made clear that fear is not the choice tools of his leadership style and that his badge, your badge, your partner’s badge are not “hammers” to be abused or to abuse others.

Kevin made clear that he is a man that knows he is flawed and has made an effort to understand what those flaws are and how they impact what he does.  To me, people who have taken the time to engage in a little introspection and learn how to improve themselves have a much better chance at improving that which they apply themselves too.  In this case, this would be Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

What was interesting was the large number of Laurie Smith’s former command staff that made themselves present for this event.  It is clear that a good percentage of the staff that has worked closely with her on the 4th floor feels that it is time for a change as well and that Mr. Jensen is change that is worth spending their time.

There was a positive showing of Sergeants and deputies that are currently working within the office; kudos to each and every one of you who showed up for bravely stepping out to support Kevin Jensen despite the risk of repercussions.

Remember, there is strength in numbers and the more people we can draw out from their fear, the more people Kevin Jensen will have working to get the word out and the better the chance of him winning.

This is only the first step in a long battle to winning.  Each and every one of you showed up last night because you want something new.  This battle will have its uplifting moments and its discouraging times, do not doubt this.  Support each other through this.  Keep a positive attitude that this will have a positive outcome and don’t give up the good fight.