More Special Treatment for Aldon Smith

First it’s the gun charges that don’t appear until a public civil suit is filed indicating Aldon Smith not only had guns, but shot them off at least once after it was reported he had not done the shooting, he was only a victim of a fight that broke out at his own party.

It took a year for that information, as well as other pertinent facts regarding events, to come out as public that Aldon Smith had and had shot weapons.  A lot of the blame is being laid again at the feet of the DA’s office for not filing the case.  But the question is, was this case actually turned into the DA’s office for filing in a timely manner by the investigating agency — The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office?

Now Sheriff’s office insiders say Aldon Smith and Ray MacDonald were special guests of the Sheriff over the summer at the Sheriff’s Range for a Sheriff’s “Family Day” with captains and leuitenants and select and trusted members of the SERT team and their families.   While there Aldon was able to shoot fully automatic weapons and ride in Star1 as the Sheriff’s guest.  Who’s ever heard of a suspect in an ongoing, open, weapons involved investigation being invited to hang out with law enforcement and shoot fully automatic weapons.  Were the investigating officers present?  You can be assured that the captain and lieutenant of Investigations were present in not the involved detectives.

Now only months later, he’s receiving preferential treatment in the booking process after a single vehicle accident, where he had a .15 BAC and was found unconscious with his foot still on the pedal after driving his SUV into a tree. Marijuana and an undisclosed type and number of pills were found in the vehicle as well.

He was arrested at 7AM and the media reports lets than 4 hours later he was jogging out on to the field for practice with his team mates. 4 hours from arrest on the street,transport, booking, bail payment and out the back door.  Most people wouldn’t see outside the holding cell until they were sober, or at least for several hours.

What’s most disconcerting is the special treatment afforded this celebrity in contrast to the treatment ordered by Captain Sung of a deputy brought in for a DUI. According to insiders Capt Sung stated “put him in with the other losers.” The deputy was then placed into a general population holding cell where he was put at greater risk of being assaulted due to his profession.  Usually law enforcement personnel are held separately because not only may some one just assault them for their profession, but the risk of coming face to face with a criminal who may feel this is an opportunity for revenge if the deputy had interaction with the offender on the street.

You would think if they can offer the courtesy of an express lane for a 49er’s player, they could at least offer the security of a separate cell for one of their own.


2 thoughts on “More Special Treatment for Aldon Smith

  1. Once again Laurie Smith has turned something that belongs to the members of the department and turned it into her private playground. The SAB was started to provide equipment to the deputies that the County wouldn’t purchase. It was not an extension of the re-election committee for the Sheriff. They may still provide equipment but it is now tainted with politics. The Family Day used to be held in places like Saratoga Springs and the Elks Club. No one was ever sworn to secrecy or ordered to not take photos. That’s what a Family Day is all about!

    Inviting players from the 49ers is not wrong. Inviting someone who is the subject of a weapons investigation by your department is beyond comprehension. She knew it was wrong which is the reason for the secrecy. Laurie Smith has again exhibited her cynicism for her employees by making them co-conspirators. They are part of her conspiracy to misuse the Range, misuse the helicopter and to continue to violate the public trust that the equipment and facilities are used for their intended purpose. The veil of secrecy is enforced by threats of removal from SERT or some other punishment.

    She was able to get others to do something wrong, tells them it is a secret and then threatens them if they tell the secret. Don’t we teach our children about people like that?


  2. Why am I not surprised to hear good ol Kim Jong IL’s response was to lock up one of his own with other inmates. Why I remember his favorite catch phrase of “hook & book” from the West Side where he created quite the name for himself. His name was(is) synonymous with “dirty cop”. Like the time he sent an innocent girl to the hospital after her boyfriend tried to dine & dash from Benihana’s in Cupertino and she “disrespected” him, or the time where he assaulted a construction worker with his baton after the worker refused to put his coffee down and step back up on the curb (0530 in front of a construction zone) so good ol Kim Jong struck him with his Asp, knocking his coffee out of his hand and then slammed him into the hood of his and then proudly stated,”10-15 for 148″, or the time where he arrested someone on a car stop and when asked what his PC was he arrogantly responded,”I’m not sure, I’m still trying to figure that out”. The list goes on and on, but my point is that he is so drunk on his power that he obviously believes his own BS that he was a fantastic beat cop. I guess when your an insignificant and scared little man and you buy your way into a Captains position you feel you can pretty much treat anyone and everyone like “trash”


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