A Message from Ron Breuss

I was asked to post this by Ron Breuss.  I am happy to pass the message on.  I would like to say that part of the reason I have this blog is the hope that people will be less concerned with who I am, and more concerned with exerting their own efforts to bringing about change in the office, whether it be a change in policy by the current administration for the better, or a change in the administration come election time.  

Please stop expending effort pointing fingers at each other and accusing others of being me.  If you are wrong, and if you’re pointing your finger at someone who wears a uniform, you are, it could cost some one their security and peace of mind if the Sheriff decides to target that person.  Spend your time talking to your neighbors over the next months, your friends, your family about how important it is for a successful law enforcement agency to have leadership with integrity, who makes themselves a part of the whole, who understands the resources of the office and the potential of those resources beyond whether they can make some one look good at a given moment in time for political purposes.  Let people know, Kevin Jensen is that kind of leader, that he is honest, that he has all the experience the current sheriff claims to have and much, much more.  That he has proven leadership qualities within the system and is ready for the next step and that the men and women of Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office have expressed resounding support through their union endorsements.

Bring change, be change. 

Without further ado, I bring you Ron Breuss:


Hello Casey,

My Name is Ron Breuss and I would like you to Post or Blog what I’m about to write.. Please..

To the troops, admin and anyone who cares…..

I recently returned from an extended stay in Montana where I had a glorious time, wish I was back. I am using Casey’s blog thing to reach as many people as I possibly can. Why? well I figured pretty much everyone in twelve states is reading it and I wanted to quell some rumors.

On my first day back and within two hours of arrival, I was told by someone wearing a ton of gold that the sheriff believes that I’m the driving force behind all her problems with the DSA. WRONG!! I also had a number of people calling me “Casey” and suggesting that I was Casey Thomas. Again, WRONG!!!!

For the record, I am not Casey Thomas or anyone but Ron Breuss.  Certainly anyone (especially all on the fourth floor) that knows me knows that if I have something to say I will say it directly to them in no uncertain terms and not via a blog. I will repeat what I have said on a number of occasions to the sheriff and anyone who’d listen…  I’m out of the game PERIOD, leave me alone.

When I was in the DSA leadership I exercised my influence in both directions for the betterment of both the DSA and Department. I picked many a fight for sure and won them all (according to me anyway) but I never picked a fight I wasn’t there to fight and ultimately take responsibility for. I will not nor would I pick a fight and leave you to take all the heat. I have no horse in the race, dog in the fight or chicken in the pot…  I’ve done my time and earned my rest.. I ask that you all let me go in peace and leave me be.

I will end with a couple of “Articles of Faith” from the world of RB

To the leaders: Lead, follow or get the fuck out of the way! You need to listen to what is being said and stop trying to hurt those saying it.

To the troops: Do the right thing always even if no one is looking. Remember, you are a deputy sheriff and by God you better act like it.

To Casey Thomas: “RIDE THE LIGHTNING!!!”

Thank you, RB (ret.)


One thought on “A Message from Ron Breuss

  1. Ron –

    After hearing about these “Blogs” for so long I finally got curious enough to look at them this evening. I must say I was pretty disgusted with the people making accusations based on rumors in the name of political righteousness (yea, I had to look that word up), and generalizations. The ones that hurt me personally was the implication that anyone that has been promoted has sold their values, are worthless, and have no spine. I would like to speak to these people one-on-one in a professional manner.

    Although I understand why some people use this forum to express their frustration, I believe the same forum can focus on the issues in an adult manner to seek a solution, rather than to just complain and point fingers. It was not until I read your post that I felt a bit of pride come back. Whether or not I always agreed with your position or your tactics, I always admired your fortitude to stand up for what you believed was the right thing.

    I do have one objection to your post though. While I believe that you have no horse in the race or dog in the fight, fat boy, I will never believe you do not have a chicken in the pot.

    For Casey – If you have an objection to the “fat boy” comment please contact Ron, when he gets done laughing I am sure he will give his blessing to the posting.


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