Welcome Criticism and Use it to Try and Do a Better Job Next Time

Usually my title is a philosophy I agree with.  But I also believe in positive reinforcement as a useful and successful tool in leadership.  As you can see Asst. Sheriff Shervington welcomes criticism in his response to the earlier letter by the deputy’s wife, but doesn’t believe that when one does a job for 30 years you deserve even a thank you.  That is the problem. (I’ll respond to Asst. Sheriff Shervington’s post at a later time, because I feel it deserves a response.)  His belief seems to be wide-spread in the administration.

I’ve had the below posted letter in my hands now for a little while, it’s been given to me by a couple of different people who feel strongly about it.  It’s much like the letter I posted earlier from a deputy’s wife in that it highlights the lack of respect, leadership and competence to improve personnel capabilities by the command staff, but this is an internal email.  I’ve been very hesitant to post it because it’s an email that more often than not, I can’t finish reading when I start.  The disrespect, the insult, the sometimes just flat out “mean girl” attitude really bothers me.  I’ve decided to post this, redacted to protect as many people as necessary, as well as any active case references that could impact end results.

This is not how leaders talk about others. Yes, people have screwed up, people have made mistakes.  In an agency with real leadership you would see a proactive attempt at improvement; in Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office you see active and continued attempts to demean and humiliate.  What has been done to guide the mentioned deputies to improvement by this “leader” in our administration?  He’s quick to insult and degrade and point out the mistakes of others, but he didn’t gain either of his own illustrious nicknames for his sterling on-the-job performance.

I have a very visceral reaction to this email, that it was written and then that it was leaked to further humiliate and demean — perhaps this is their idea of a “lesson” to help those not ready for promotion improve?  I don’t know; what I do know this is where the root of the moral problems begin, with the philosophy that people only deserve criticism to help them improve.  The letter, the email, the post, these all show a widespread philosophy by this administration and a lack of leadership.   The first and best choice to attack the problem eating at the healthy roots of this agency is to expose the rot and eliminate it in the next election before it’s too late.

(PS – regarding the comment in the letter that the CCU (Crowd Control Unit) has had no training in 2 years, I have had verbal confirmation that, in fact, the CCU is extremely undertrained… are there any training records available for the last 3-5 years for this team?)

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One thought on “Welcome Criticism and Use it to Try and Do a Better Job Next Time

  1. Goes to show how comfortable S/O admin is because all admin will be protected. They have all drank the Kool-Aid (other than a couple LT’s and captains) or just don’t voice their opinion because they will be held to answer.

    Becoming a sergeant at the sheriffs office is not a respected position (by deputies) anymore…..how someone looks in a uniform should be the least concern, how about experience (which based on some promotions you don’t need) are they respected? (Which based on some promotions you don’t need) how did they do on patrol? Of did they even work the streets at all? (Desk, copana or whatever scam used to get some people the three years patrol time). What a f$):k”@g joke. I guess if they went by these standards admin would be cut in half or more.

    Zero confidence is right. Admin doesn’t do the real work for the county the good sergeants and deputies do.

    I hope for everyone’s sake that Jensen becomes the next sheriff.


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