The First of Many Breaking Stories to Come – Aldon Smith & Sheriff Smith?

Click to watch NBC Bay Area breaking news: Aldon Smith Named in Lawsuit Over 2012 House Party Shooting

It looks like a little cover-up may be breaking loose here. In a new lawsuit, Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker have been accused of being the ones shooting guns in a 14-month-old investigation into a party at Smith’s house where he was stabbed and two others were shot.

It’s interesting that the lawsuit is claiming the shooting was done by Aldon Smith who, along with the other victims, by all reports from the Sheriff’s office and the 49er’s at the time, was “cooperating with investigators”; yet no suspects were ever identified or found.

If the “witnesses are cooperating” how did the Sheriff’s office overlook the shooting victims statements about who was doing the shooting?

It appears that either the Sheriff’s office investigators are easily duped or the Sheriff’s best new buddy is doing a private version of community service to make up for his bad boy antics.  I find it hard to believe investigators are that incompetent, even though detectives in Sheriff Laurie Smith’s office are only allowed to gain 3-5 years experience before being forced out into another job (experience in investigations is apparently a bad thing).

Reports that a “family day” was held at the Sheriff’s Range back in June with Aldon Smith, Ray McDonald and other members of the 49er’s for the Sheriff’s Advisory Board, Captains and select Lieutenants and rumor is rampant that Aldon Smith may be participating in a soon to be announced law enforcement event for the Sheriff all seem to indicate the latter truth, some people get special sentencing.

Welcome to election season folks, play ’em if you got ’em.


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  1. Looks like the SLD (Sheriff’s Leadership Development) class from the early 2000’s was a “do as I say and not as I do” kind of program…..


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