Sheriff’s Gain, Community’s Loss


Below is a list of the Sheriff’s annual income for the years I was able to find sources for it.  I only included cash disbursement to her, not other non-cash items, health benefits costs, etc.  I did include CalPERS payments made by the county, just so people understand, she gets BOTH matching 401(k) (or similar, the county has a 457 plan) funds and pension funds given to her each year now.

Including salary and 401k matching funds, the Sheriff has gone from making $170,000 in 2002 to $254,306 as of last year (this years salary currently unavailable).  An increase of $84,306. Almost a 50% increase in salary in less than 10 years.

2012 –
Salary                                 $231,806
CalPERS (county contrib)       41,601
401K (county contrib)             22,500

2011 –
Salary                                   $225,921
CalPERS (county contrib)         56,028
401K (county contrib)               22,000

2010 –
Salary                                     $231,806
CalPERS (county contrib)          55,308
401K (county contrib)                22,000

2009 –
change in reporting standards
Salary                                  $240,571.45
CalPers (county contrib)         not reported
401k (county contrib)              none
Other                                          4,874.81

2008 –
Salary                                    $228,370.16
CalPers (county contrib)           not reported
401k (county contrib)                none
Other                                                  0.00

2003 –
Salary                                     $181,073

2002 –
Salary                                     $170,823

But what has the Sheriff given the community for those incredible raises over the past handful of years?  Better morale?  No.  Better reputation among other law enforcement agencies?  No. Increased interest in new recruits coming to work for Santa Clara County over other agencies?  Not even close.

Here is just some of what the Sheriff has eliminated, reduced or mismanaged to earn more than EIGHTY FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS IN PAY INCREASES (That’s more than an entry level deputy makes!) over the past 9 years.  Please be aware, many of these services are still listed on the Sheriff’s web site as if the office participates or has a fully functioning group/team/division regardless of status.

Vice – all staffing positions left unfilled for 2-3 years now (investigates bars, prostitution, massage parlors, gangs, organized crime, etc.). Complaints about massage parlors and prostitution are virtually ignored office wide now as nothing more than a nuisance complaint.

Canine Unit reduced/New Kennel Planned – The SO web page continues to claim 9 canine units while there are actually only 4 dogs now: Ski (patrol dog), Jerry and Smaya (both bomb dogs, handled by one handler) and Dillon (narcotics dog).  The bloodhound advertised on the page?  Retired for awhile now… as in years awhile. NOW there are reports that the Sheriff, who has been successfully sued twice for refusing to pay deputies maintenance costs for taking care of our k9 deputies (about $14,600 a year per dog, if my calculations are correct) now wants to “save money” and build a $2M kennel at Elmwood Jail.  (With staffing well below minimums there, who’s going to take care of the dogs?  The inmates?)  It’s going to take, by my estimates, more than 30 years to recoupe the cost… as long as I don’t include the costs of the wasted time of human partners having to drive all the way to Elmwood twice a day to pick up and drop off their K9 partners.  Then it takes much longer.

Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) – Left this position unfilled despite many pointing out the importance of participation in this program.  She then claimed she didn’t think anyone cared when this was pointed out after the DSA/SCCPOA endorsements of her opposition; this was the first she heard of it, she claimed.

SCOPE – Closed the Sheriff’s Community Oriented Policing and Enforcement Program.

Regional Auto Theft Task Force (RATTF) – Removed office access to the RATTF team and was going to eliminate SCCSO staff member assigned to the program after she was voted out of oversight position due to management discrepancies.  Later decided the action was not in her best interest with an election upcoming – still took away their working office space, but agreed to sustain her staffing commitment to 1 person.

SCCSET – I can find no direct participation in Santa Clara County Special Enforcement Team.  SCCSET is a county-wide program responsible for  targeting gang and narcotics activity.  You would think that the county agency would be participating in the county-wide task force targeting an increasing problem in the county.  But our Sheriff does not play well with others on her own team.

The Sheriff’s web page is becoming a dusty collection of accomplishments from another era; a page only to be updated when something new can be added and never updated when the status of a program changes so the public doesn’t know they don’t have this or that service any longer.  Does that collection of outdated information deserve a pay raise the equivalent of the county’s median income?  You decide… BY VOTING.