Concerned about Staffing Minimums? Not the Sheriff’s Problem.

I just had this information provided to me and wanted to let everyone know just how seriously the Sheriff takes your concerns.

At a recent training day with deputies where the Sheriff paid a visit (she’s doing that a lot right now with election season rolling up on us), the Sheriff wasn’t pleased when one of her underlings thought to ask questions pertinent (that’s pertinent, not impertinent) to the day to day activities of his job.  I mean, what else is an opportunity to talk with the Sheriff for?  Surely she’s there because she wants to hear the voices of her team, right?

A professional and concerned deputy had some valid concerns about the office — if I may paraphrase to consolidate — he asked several questions about the Sheriff addressing staffing minimum concerns and adding additional deputies to the HQ division. Questions politely asked and within a reasonable subject. Ultimately the Sheriff informed the deputy, rather snittishly by all reports, that if there was a concern about staffing, it was the DSA’s problem and it should be taken up with them.

Whoa… So all staffing decisions are now under the control of the labor union groups AND, to be construed from her comment, the DSA is actually saying they do not want minimum staffing levels met and refuse to allow the Sheriff to place more deputies? Does anyone else feel like they’ve just been fed a line of something that doesn’t taste so great?  If the DSA is against ensuring minimum staffing issues are met, please someone from the DSA contact me!

A further question on another relevant subject was then posed to the Sheriff regarding the concern of increased violence being met by the deputies on the streets and if there was a plan to train more deputies in the use of and distribute more long rifles.  Well, you certainly can’t think that if staffing isn’t in the Sheriff’s decision control, that equipment and training would be, can you?  Again the question was met with a snappish, comment to take it up with the DSA, out of her control.

So, if the Sheriff doesn’t control staffing, training or equipment… what are the taxpayers paying her for, exactly? (More on what we’re paying her for to come in a near future blog post.)

To continue, if her ultimately rude responses to valid concerns weren’t enough, the Sheriff attempted, in the fashion of the Bully she’s been called out as, to add a dose of humiliation for the deputy who would dare voice concerns.  Her parting shot was, if you’re so concerned about staffing why don’t you promote up to Sergeant and quit whining.  She then left the room in a small explosion and a swirl of dark smoke, muttering something about the deputy’s little dog, too… okay, that’s a little dramatization on my part… but not by much.