Time to Put the Past Behind Us.

Procrastination is a blogs worst enemy and I hope that you are all still interested in a win for the team and here with me despite my negligence. 

I want to thank all of you that have continued to forward me information and give a shout out to those buying the Keystone Kops gear at Crazy Gecko.

I know it’s late news, but I wanted to cover that Kevin Jensen took time out of his schedule at off-site meetings to make sure that he could meet the members of the DSA and CPOA in their first ever joint meeting.  Captain Jensen joined the conversation via Skype and answered the questions that so many have been wanting to hear answers too.

Captain Jensen spoke like a leader and a sheriff, laying out a vision and a plan for an office he has spent a good part of his life working for in one capacity or another.  He recognized natural challenges that are faced by law enforcement as well as more unorthodox challenges that have been created through leadership practices that must be addressed to continue to move the office forward as a successful and respected agency within the internal and outside communites. He realizes that it’s a hard road to win this election, but feels more confident knowing that he has a team like the Keystone Kops behind him all the way.

Team here is an important word, because it will take a team effort to get the word to the voting public that change is a deeply necessary thing.  Because we all work hard to present a positive and affective front to our community, they do not realize the full extent of our internal problems. Under normal circumstances the public shouldn’t have to be concerned about our day to day issues, but at times like this, we rely on the public to understand our predictment when we bring it to them and correct it through our election process.

It is important that you participate as you can.  Communicate to your neighbors and your friends, that it’s time for positive change to stem an increasing problem.  Volunteer for Cpt. Jensen’s campaign — signs, phone calls, talking in the community — every little bit helps.

Always be aware that you should do none of this while in uniform or on duty as it is against the law.  If anyone pressures you in a political manner while on duty, decline to continue the conversation and please contact your appropriate DSA or CPOA representative.  Intimidation not only shouldn’t be tolerated, but at a time like this, we can’t let intimidation stand unconfronted.

The following was sent to me as an example of the general sense of disregard the Sheriff has for men and women who have dedicated a career to the office.  I have redacted the names of the innocent, but the glaring disrespect from an elected official for those who have dedicated a lifetime to their community shines through.  No one wants to face a child’s clown party at the end of their career… a thank you, a nod of the head in respect for your time and a shaken hand is not a lot to ask….


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