They Tell us to “Own” the Insult

In response to the announcement of the choice of both the CPOA and DSA to endorse the sheriff’s opponent, Kevin Jensen, the sheriff’s consultant referred to sheriff’s office and corrections department personnel as “Keystone Kops.”

I say we seize the moment and embrace the characterization with good hearted humor with t-shirts and coffee mugs and if there is any profit in the miniscule mark-up maybe we can send it to Jensen as a campaign donation.  (Not sure of the fundraising laws and implications of that, will have to check it out and let you know if I can do that.)   Probably not high quality gear here, but what a momento to have of that moment that you actually came to the attention of the sheriff’s election team.  Besides, it probably matches the 1998 gear you’re still using in the office to do your job.

Crazy Gecko Keystone Kops Gear